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2012-09-19 12:42:40

Chinese Culture Workshops at MG

The first week of the new school year was marked by five different Chinese culture workshops for the students to get a taste of this country's rich cultural heritage. Students have learned about the history of calligraphy from the workshop's leader Ms Iva. After practicing how to use a special Chinese paint brush on rice paper, the students have successfully "copied" what Ms Iva has written that is drawn, closely following the numbers marking the moves for each of the Chinese characters.

Chinese painting workshop was as successful where groups of 14 students, following Ms Iva and her Chinese assistant's instructions, produced a group painting on a long piece of rice paper imitating the artist's technique of painting trees, rocks and water, elements often found in Chinese painting.

Hopefully, these two workshops together with taiji, wingchun and a cooking lesson have brought China and its rich culture to our school.

Olga Arneri