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2012-05-27 19:29:00

Chinese Culture Journey

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of China-Croatia diplomatic relationship. On this occasion the Confucius Institute has been founded at the University of Zagreb. The Confucius Institute will offer an insight into the culture, language and business practices of China to interested citizens, and we are proud that our school is in close cooperation with the Institute.

At the opening ceremony of the Confucius Institute, held on May 13th at the Zagreb University Student Centre, the MG International Choir joined to the colourful theatrical performances by Chinese art groups with the song “Xiao Jiu Wo” (Little Dimples), the song they had been diligently rehearsing with our Music teacher Ms. Antonia Mimica.

E5 and MYP students along with the national programme students took part at the Chinese Culture Week Workshops. Chinese Culture Week featured a variety of educational sessions that enabled a fun and easy way to get to know Chinese culture - Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Traditional Arts, Paper Cutting and Folding, Martial Arts Performances, Art of Chinese Cuisine, Chinese Tea Ceremony and Chinese Language Courses.

Our students and teachers were delighted with the workshops and came back to school full of impressions after experiencing this profound cultural journey.

Text: Linda Zelić

Photo: Aida Skender, Barbara Čičmak and Jelena Petrović