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2017-11-10 11:59:50

Zagreb outing

On the 20th of October, all classes from PYP0 – PYP4 went on a Zagreb city tour. Each class had two tour guides from MYP3. Matej and I were tour guides for PYP0.

When we came to the city, we started our tour. First we visited the Cathedral. In front of the Cathedral we talked about some basic information and then later we went in. We walked around the Cathedral to get a better look of it.

After that we went to see Dolac. It was crowded, but we still passed around it so PYP0 could see all the colorful flowers, vegetables and fruits. We also saw Kumica while exploring Dolac.

Later we went to Trg bana Josipa Jelačića and we had a little walk around square. When we came to Manduševac we all took a coin, wished for something and threw the coin into the fountain.

Funiculars were our next stop. Everyone was excited about driving in them, but instead we had to take the stairs. After many stairs we came to the Lotrščak Tower where everyday at 12 pm the cannon fires. Unfortunately we weren't able to hear that, but we made our way to see St. Marko's church.Over there we had some free time and enjoyed the sunny weather. We passed through Kamenita vrata and reached our last destination which was Kaptol.

All in all we had a great time and I'm sure PYP0 has learned a lot.

Lucija (MYP3)