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2017-10-30 21:08:23

Giornata Mondiale della Pasta / World Pasta Day

On the 25th of October 2017 the MYP1 and MYP2 students celebrated the day dedicated to pasta which is considered the queen of the Mediterranean diet.

The MYP1 students prepared a famous Italian dish called cannelloni, round pasta filled with spinach and ricotta cheese. Not only did they cut, stir, roll, mix and bake all the ingredients, but they also set the table, enjoyed the dish that even an Italian nonna would be proud of and washed the dishes afterwards. By cooking they expanded their Italian vocabulary regarding the ingredients and kitchen utensils.

The MYP2 students got the chance to taste the buonissimi cannelloni prepared by the MYP1 students and brainstormed the most famous Italian dishes and found photos of them online. The next step was dividing the dishes into four different categories: l'antipasto (starter), il primo piatto (first course), il secondo piatto (second course) and il dolce (pudding). After that they created the yummiest poster in the school.

Feeling hungry? Something Italian is always a good idea!

Petra Vedris