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2012-05-29 19:46:01

Getting together with Melita Rundek

The popular Croatian children’s writer Ms. Melita Rundek visited our school on May 22nd. It was a great follow-up after we read her novel ˝Dogs Not Allowed˝ during the Croatian language classes. This novel is the winner of the “Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić Prize” for 1999. The MYP1 students had the opportunity to interview Ms. Melita Rundek and find out more about her work.

The entire interview was characterised by the great mutual interactions and comfortable mingling. We clicked instantly! Ms. Melita told us how she became a writer, how her books came to be and what they meant to her. She enriched her life story with the interesting and illustrative anecdotes. We were all inspired and had many questions which Melita answered originally and with a sense of humour.

We would like to thank Melita Rundek for her visit and look forward to our next meeting and her new book.

Ina Tomić

MYP1 students recorded their impressions:

Kad sam ugledala Melitu Rundek, mislila sam da će biti jako ozbiljna i da joj se nećemo svidjeti.
Očito sam pogriješila. Bilo nam je super i nadam se da ćemo se ponovno vidjeti.
When I first saw Melita Rundek, I thought she would be very serious and that she would not like us.
Obviously I was wrong. We had a great time and I hope we will meet again.
Sara, MYP1

Meni je bila čast vidjeti Melitu Rundek. Jako je mudra osoba.
It was an honour to meet Melita Rundek. She is a very wise person.
Laura, MYP1

Bilo mi je veliko zadovoljstvo upoznati Melitu Rundek. Ona je jako duhovita, mudra i draga. Njene knjige su zakon! Nadam se da ćemo je opet vidjeti!
It was a great pleasure to meet Melita Rundek. She is very humorous, wise, and compassionate. Her books are the best! I hope we will meet her again!
Ružica, MYP1

Napokon sam upoznala Melitu Rundek! Ona je tako draga osoba. Odlična je književnica i nadam se da će uskoro izdati još jednu zanimljivu knjigu.
I finally got to meet Melita Rundek! She is such a compassionate person. She is an excellent writer and I hope she will soon publish another interesting book.
Nora, MYP1

Bilo mi je veliko zadovoljstvo upoznati Melitu Rundek. Bio je zabavno i smiješno. Piše lijepe knjige i neka samo tako nastavi!
It was a pleasure to meet Melita Rundek. It was exciting and fun. She writes beautiful books and may she continue to do so!
Mark, MYP1

Svidjelo mi se kako i na koji način razmišlja.
I liked how and in which manner she thinks.
Teo, MYP1

Kad sam ušla u knjižnicu, ugledala sam Melitu Rundek. Na prvi pogled mi se činila jako dosadna. Kako sam se samo prevarila! Melita je zabavna i jako pametna.
When I entered the library, I saw Melita Rundek. At first glance she seemed very boring. How I fooled myself! Melita is exciting and very smart.
Greta, MYP1

Meni je Melita jako inspirativna. Svidjela mi se je naša međusobna interakcija.
For me, Melita is very inspirational. I liked our mutual interaction.
Eva, MYP1