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2017-05-26 16:37:11

Children's Book Festival 2017


Getting Together with Hana Jusic

On May 23rd MYP0 and MYP1 students visited the Children's Book Festival at the Tresnjevka Cultural Centre where they met Hana Jusic, the young screenwriter.

Hana Jusic wrote the screenplays for the most popular Croatian children's movies - Koko and the Ghosts and Alert on Green Peak.

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2017-03-21 15:25:23

World Storytelling Day 2017


World Storytelling Day is a day which is celebrated globally every year on March 20th for the art of storytelling. On this day, people spend time telling stories from their countries to other people.

For several years we have the same tradition in our school. On March 20th MYP0 and MYP1 students spent their fourth lesson telling stories from their cultures to PYP1 and PYP2 students.

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2017-03-14 16:17:05

Days of the Croatian Language


Visit to the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics

On the occasion of the Days of the Croatian Language on March 13th MYP0 and MYP1 students had the pleasure to visit the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics in Zagreb.

We were kindly welcomed and had a very interesting lecture about history of the Croatian language.

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2017-02-13 18:22:22

Uzbuna na Zelenom vrhu


On February 9th MYP0 and MYP1 students went to the CineStar Novi Zagreb to watch the Croatian children's movie "Uzbuna na Zelenom vrhu" (Alert on Green Peak).

The novel "Uzbuna na Zelenom vrhu" is the compulsory literary work for MYP0 Croatian Language and Literature class but the movie was a great opportunity for the Croatian Language Acquisition students to learn Croatian. We bought popcorn and were set for the exciting movie morning.

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2017-01-25 19:48:18

Geometry with GeoGebra


Through the statement of inquiry "Understanding form and shape enhances creativity" MYP1 students learn about triangles, their constructions, congruence and area. The best approach to enhance students' understanding of geometry concepts is computer-assisted learning method.

MYP1 students enjoyed solving problems in Geometry using their mobile phones and a dynamic mathematics software GeoGebra.

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