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2015-03-22 20:15:20

World Storytelling Day

Tell a Story - Share It - Cheer Others Up

As we do every year on spring equinox day we celebrated World Storytelling Day at our school. On that day, people around the world tell and listen to stories, and we did the same. For a short period of time, the library became a big "Story Store". Our most beautiful childhood stories were generously presented to E2 and E3 students by Yena, Nika, Elena, Karolina, Pedram, Noora, Liza and Fiona.

Our aim was to tell and share the most beautiful stories and inspire students to listen, read and think about them.

And why exactly are stories important? Because stories cheer us up, they teach us about life, and we become more imaginative, more creative and better people.

Ina Tomic