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2011-12-23 12:46:14

Charity Auction for Kenya

On December 9th MYP 3 students and national programme students accompanied by their teachers attended the premiere of a documentary about Kenya.
We had the honour of being invited to the Histrionski Dom to the viewing of the documentary “Put Dobrote” (Way of Kindness) and later to the live auction of paintings by famous artists such as Dimitrije Popović, Dragica Cvek Jordan and Tihomir Lončar. “Put Dobrote” was directed by Jakov Sedlar and written by Anita Malenica. The event was hosted by Barbara Kolar (Dancing with the Stars host) and it was a big success!
The selling prices of the paintings went up to €3000 with which we can build ten Kenyan houses. The price of one house is €300, which is very expensive for our price range but we won’t let that stop us from helping the ones in need.
Next semester, our school will organise a fundraiser where will raise money to buy goats for the villagers in Kenya. One goat costs €30, but with it one family is supplied with food and produce to sell and make a profit of. Those of us who were able to see the conditions in which the villagers live in understand how much help they need which is why we will be joining forces and sending joy all the way to Kenya.

Karla, MYP3