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2014-10-31 10:23:58

Night at the Library

Our school comes together to create a truly special activity that benefits our students. Such was the Night at the Library initiated and organised by our librarians, Ms. Ina Tomic and Ms. Irena Safarik on October 24th.

MYP2 girls - Karolina, Elena, Dina, Zahra and Consuelo along with the girls from the national programme made up the creative fairy tale called "Magic Library".

But that was just the start of the fun. After creating the characters of the story the students had pizza snacks and threw the pajama party. They slept over in school emphasising the feeling that the school is their second home.

All of the students' reflections show that this was not just an educational get-together event but also a very entertaining complement to our library activities.

Ina Tomic