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2014-10-14 11:51:40

Book Month 2014

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    Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,
    this year's Book Month is taking place from October 15th until November 15th. We have prepared many interesting activities related to books and reading, and we are glad to participate in them together with you.


This year we are again repeating the activity in which students simply forget about everything else and spend 15 minutes just enjoying reading.
On the arranged dates, when our sign is announced over the school loudspeaker (at noon if the student is in the morning shift and at 3 p.m. if the student is in the afternoon shift) the students spend 15 minutes simply reading the book they have prepared.

The dates are:

October 17th

October 29th

November 6th

November 14th

(at 12 noon and at 3 p.m.)


Are you the owner of a book you have already read and that has amazed you, and now you wish to share it with somebody else? Pass it along and exchange it for a new one!
At the school locations most frequently utilized by both students and teachers alike, ?stations? will be designated at which students can exchange amongst themselves books they have read.


Students will have the chance to sell and exchange their own books on the school grounds. The tentative date is scheduled for November 11th.


If there can be a "Night at the museum", why should there not be a "Night at the library"?
Students and librarians will spend one night at the library where they will attempt to think up and tell their own ?bedtime story? and see what it is like to sleep over in a world of books.


Activities related to reading, writing, books, and libraries will take place during the entire month in the school library.
We hope you will join us, visit the library, read books, tell stories, and enjoy your time with us!

Your school librarians:

Irena Safarik
Ina Tomic