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2014-05-25 22:11:12

Chinese Culture Week 2014

This month, together with 4th grade of our national programme, E4 students have visited the Confucius Institute at the University of Zagreb, as a part of the Chinese Culture Week. The children have participated in various interesting workshops related to Chinese culture.

First they had the Chinese calligraphy workshop, where they were taught the proper way of holding the brush, and the correct sitting position, as well as the order of strokes when writing different Chinese characters (or "hanzi").

Later followed the Weiqi workshop. Weiqi is a traditional Chinese game, which our students took an immediate liking to. It is played in pairs, using a grid and black and white "stones", and it is a game of tactics and strategy.

In the end, the students had a Chinese language workshop, where they learnt how to shortly introduce themselves. They were also taught how to count to 10 in Chinese and how to show it using their fingers (it might sound easy, but it is completely different from the way done in Europe and the world).

Filled with new experiences, of a culture unknown to most of them, the students returned happily to their school.

Text and photo: Marija Svircic