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2014-04-30 11:05:01

Volunteering Project "What Can I Do for You?" Continues

On April 28th we continued with our volunteering activities within the Royal Foundation project "What Can I Do for You?"

This time we decided to take a nice walk with our two dear grannies. We went to the park "Stara Tresnjevka" and spent some time together. Grannies told us stories about their childhood. They told us that this park used to have many cherry trees and that's why it is called "Stara Tresnjevka" (Old Cherry). They also told us that the mayor of Zagreb decided to plant new cherry trees, so we will be able to enjoy the cherries in the park soon.

We are glad that grannies like spending time with us, just as much as we like to spent time with them.

Dora and Tasha, MYP1