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2013-12-12 19:00:00

Longtime Friendship

On the 11th of December the students accompanied by the teachers visited the home for unattended children in Brezovica.

We came there with the goal of meeting and getting together with the children and employees of the home.

At the beginning of our visit the E5 and MYP1 students performed a play "Christmas around the world", interpreting the Christmas spirit. After the play we could choose between two workshops, an Art workshop and a Sport one. At the Sport workshop we played football and had a great time getting to know the boys that live in the home. During the Art workshop we could make some Christmas decorations. Both workshops provided a perfect chance to form the bond of fellowship.

On behalf of the Matija Gubec International School, we would like to thank all the students, their parents and teachers who participated in this community activity. We would also like to thank the Children's Home in Brezovica for having us - it was wonderful in so many ways.

Teo, MYP3