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2013-11-13 20:31:15

How to earn C & S credits during the Book Month

Very simple! Sign up, read stories, prepare some activities related to reading and slowly collect your C&S credits.

Here are some experiences of our students:

This has been my 4th time reading to small children. I had to read to 1st graders. They were amazing, patient and did whatever they were told to do. This is one of my favourite C & S activities. I think more people should get involved.
Sara, MYP3

It was a wonderful experience reading to E2 students! We read a story, did activities, even a bit of colouring and we all had a great time!
Ruzica, MYP3

I read to fourth grade this week, it was really fun and they even performed a play!
Laura, MYP3

Today I read to the students of E3. We had a wonderful and very educative time. They could really relay on the topic of the book which I read to them. After we had done reading I gave them some exercises connected to the book. Everyone did a great job. Our final game was BINGO! I personally had a great and fun time with the children. I must say that all of them greatly participated in the activity and that they enjoyed themselves.
Nora, MYP3

Ina Tomic