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2013-11-07 17:13:30

School Interliber

Dear Students,

If you want to earn extra pocket money and at the same time find some interesting books that you would like to read, join our School Interliber that will be held on November 11th from 12 am until 3 pm in the school hall.

School Interliber is a special sale of books where the students can offer their books at popular prices. The price of a book is 10 HRK and the tax of 25 % per book will be donated to the school library for purchasing a wide variety of learning resources. Please make sure you have asked your parents' agreement on the selection of books that you would like to sell at the Interliber.

We sincerely hope you will join us on Monday and keep our hopes high for this event to become a tradition at our school. Looking forward to seeing you at the fair!

Irena & Ina