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2013-10-22 16:55:56

Visit to the Centre for Autism

On October 17th, as part of our much supported Community and Service, we visited the Centre for Autism in Zagreb. It is a wonderful school for children with autism and special needs.

When we arrived, we were very kindly welcomed and were shown a tour around their school. We saw everything from the classrooms, cafeteria, gym and much more, and then were treated to lunch. Next we saw how children worked and learned in their classes. Children of different ages are in the same class as their learning disabilities allow them to learn at different speed. We talked to them about school, their hobbies, lives and interests.

We even had the opportunity to participate in a creative art workshop with them. We were divided into two groups, one group made doll angels while the other made cotton sheep. The children are extremely talented and do challenging things in their workshops (such as using a candle to make edges on fabric, cutting glass etc., yet they rarely have any accidents.

We all had a great and unforgettable time with our new friends! Children in the Centre for Autism were very polite and talented. It is truly a shame how some people don't give them a chance and are afraid of interacting with them as they actually never mean any harm, they are simply misunderstood. Through Community and Service we have learned so much and hopefully many students will volunteer at the Centre for Autism. We believe more schools should go there as such a visit is beneficial for both sides!

Vivian, MYP2 & Ruzica, MYP3