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2013-10-14 19:44:55

Drop everything and read!

During the Book Month, from October 15th to November 15th, we will be organising many activities both inside and outside the school library.

There will be various quizzes in the library, and we will even have a competition in reading out loud. All students who believe they can read text nicely and expressively are warmly invited to the school library to read and earn an award.

Come to the library, choose a book, and read during a lecture. During a lecture? Yes, on agreed days - October 18th, October 22nd, October 31st and November 7th - we will leave behind the lecture material and explore the world of books and literature.

On November 11th we will organise a School Interliber, where all the students can offer their books at popular prices.

Hurry to the library where many surprises await you!

Ina Tomic