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2013-07-03 13:18:50

Community Day, Everday

This year's Community & Service was finished in the best possible way, with presentations and impressions of socially beneficial work outside of school that the students took part in during the school year.

They selflessly helped others, developed interpersonal relationships, and with that contributed to a better society in the community in which they live, which is the main goal of C&S.

Through joint socializing we heard a lot about volunteering in the Nature Park Medvednica, the Center for Autism, and in children's homes Nazorova and Brezovica. With special attention, we followed the presentation of student Sara Reed, about her humanitarian work in Nicaragua. We were delighted by Sara's and her family's enthusiasm to help the poor in faraway Nicaragua.

Some students helped their coaches with the younger generations. Books were read at pre-schools, and they helped young mothers with their children...

All in all, it was nice socializing. We saw a lot and we got some new ideas for the next school year.

Have fun during the break, and don't forget to do good deeds, because a good person is known by his or her good and noble deeds.

Ina Tomic