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2013-05-02 16:51:24

Getting together with Danica Juricic Spasovic

On Wednesday, 24th of April we welcomed in our school a special guest, writer and journalist, Ms. Danica Juricic Spasovic.

She presented to us her first children's novel "I Love Judo, I Love Sandra", a beautiful story about childhood and unbreakable friendship. We would like to thank Ms. Danica Juricic Spasovic for her visit and look forward to our next meeting and her new book.

MYP2 students had the opportunity to interview Ms. Danica Juricic Spasovic and find out more about her work. Here is the record of their impressions:

I really enjoyed taking part of the book presentation. The book "I Love Judo, I Love Sandra" is really directed to us and she presented the book by answering our questions and telling us little anecdotes from her life.
Greta, MYP2

It was very interesting and she gave advice, concerning life and writing stories.
Laura, MYP2

I really liked meeting with Ms. Danica Juricic Spasovic, the author of "I Love Judo, I Love Sandra". It was very inspiring and fun. She told us some advice and tips about life.
Nora, MYP2

I found the whole event to be a real delight and it is surely something we won't forget any time soon. It was fascinating how not only she talked about her story "I Love Judo, I Love Sandra", but also her life story.
Ruzica, MYP2

Ina Tomic