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2013-04-29 09:59:47

Volunteering at the Green Cleanup Action

It is always a good thing to help the environment, and that's exactly what we did last Saturday, on the 20th of April, 2013. That morning (at 9:40), many of the MYP 1, 2 and 3 students, led by teacher Ina Tomic and teacher Svjetlana Keser, gathered at the Natural Park Medvednica to join a Community and Service action to clean up the park. When everyone was there, we each got a pair of protective gloves and a large plastic bag. Then we started out along the main path through the forest. We found many unusual things (such as jackets, spoons, shoes, car parts and many more) and we were both dismayed and astonished that anyone would actually throw all these things away, let alone in a Natural Park. After a time, it got quite tiring, but we persistently kept going. Luckily, there was a very nice weather, so it was not a problem. Of course, it also helped that we were joined by Clea's adorable dog, Fleki.

When we finally headed out of the forest, our bags full to the brim, we found even more amusements. In a small pond, on the roadside, we found a whole swarm of adorable little tadpoles. So, we got the idea of saving the tadpoles, and then raising them into frogs, before letting them loose again. Thus, we took a couple into some water bottles and after searching on the internet on how to raise them, we took them home. All in all, even if we were picking up garbage, we nevertheless managed to have a fun time. Although the park will probably not stay completely clean for a very long time, we showed what a small group, ready to help the community, can do.

Ines, MYP2