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2013-04-04 17:35:57

World Storytelling Day
Share a Story - Change the World

On Tuesday, 19th March, MYP2 and MYP3 students marked the World Storytelling Day. The students shared their favourite childhood memories by telling young E2 and E3 students stories that they heard when they were their age. Not only that this day was a traditional and exciting event, it was also a part of our Community and Service Program which encourages the students to contribute in making our local community a better place. The entire event was eagerly put together by our Community and service leader Ms. Ina Tomic. It was a joyful experience for everyone, yet the best part was to see the look on the young children's faces while they were carefully listening to our stories.

We would like to continue to spread the joy of reading and keep alive the tradition of story-telling at our school. We look forward to do an even bigger deal of community and service!

Ruzica, MYP2