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2013-03-04 18:46:38

Linguistic Diversity in the Library

Every year on February 21st, we remember our mother tongue. It is the language which we use best and most precisely, and which we express our thoughts and gentlest emotions with.

This school year we wanted to bring multilingualism closer to the students of class 5b in our school.

Some international programme students demonstrated their languages and a favourite song of their own choosing. Students could hear a variety of languages: Dutch, Romanian, Russian, Welsh, Arabic, Persian, Chinese, and French. After socializing, students looked at an exhibition of foreign books. They could see books in Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Persian, French, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Korean, Persian, Italian and German. The socializing created an interactive learning environment within a fun and friendly atmosphere.

See you next year in the library!

Ina Tomic