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2012-12-17 17:01:44

Heart-warming day with our friends from the Children's home

As a part of our intensive Community & Service activities, the E5 and MYP class representatives visited children with special needs at the Children's Home "Alojzije Stepinac" in Brezovica. We carried the Christmas gifts donated by the students, parents and teachers of our school.

We were kindly welcomed and had a lovely tour during which we were able to see their classrooms, gym, pool, arts and craft rooms. There are 75 children in the Children's home and they are divided into different groups based on their abilities. We had a great time meeting all of them and getting to know their stories. We made lots of new, unforgettable friends and we are thankful to our teachers for letting us experience such a heart-warming day.

After the visit we interviewed some of the students about their impressions and feelings.

"After the visit I find myself experiencing life from a different perspective, because the children at the Children's home don't have all the stuff that we do, but they still appreciate life more than we do. My favourite moment was when Stanka, an autistic girl, took us to her room where we sang and danced together." (Nora, MYP2)

"During the visit I was feeling sad but at the same time happy because the children are surrounded by good people who really take good care of them and we had an impression that they are a big family." (Leonarda, MYP2)

"My favourite memory was seeing how the children in Brezovica live." (Jeanne, MYP1)

"My favourite group was the preschoolers because they looked so happy" (Yena, MYP1)

Ruzica and Greta (MYP2)