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  • Association of Croatian Language Teachers
    The site promotes the general and specific duties and interests of the Croatian language as the national and official language, profession, subject and science.
  • Croatian Language Portal (HJP) is the result of a joint project of the New Libera and Srce, organized around vocabulary base New Libera. Most words in the database are attached to the derived forms, i.e. grammatical development.
  • An online collection of all kinds of great works of literature boiled down to their essence. In just one minute, you can be familiar with entire books and learn everything your teachers will expect you to know. Do not forget to read the book after that.
  • Represents a handbook for teaching and learning. This site elaborates what tools might be complementary to students' and teachers' method as they look over the language learning tips.
  • Blog of the Croatian language, spoken and written with numerous tips on language and language problems.
  • Hrvatski po Rebi
    An educator and student friendly site for sharing the best content for Croatian language classroom. Contains a collection of advice, suggestions, tips and techniques for Croatian language class.


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