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2012-11-22 11:21:04

2012 Visit to Interliber

As the Chinese once said, every book is a house of gold. Having this in mind, we had the pleasure of visiting the 35th annual Interliber here in Zagreb.

Interliber is an International Fair for Books and Teaching Appliances. It promotes new books, authors as well as new editions of older books. Interliber is held at the "Velesajam" and is spread out over two Pavilions (numbers five and six) as well as on many stalls outside the buildings. Besides in Zagreb, Croatia, it is also held in Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Slovenia and Israel.

First, we entered Pavilion 5. It was crowded with people, mostly school who had come for the same purpose as we: to enjoy books. In Pavilion 5, we spent most of our time in "Algoritam" where there were many English books. There was the "Hunger Games" Trilogy by Suzanne Collins as well as many classics in brand new and colourful editions such as "Oliver Twist" by Charles Dickens. However, for me, the star book was the newest J. K. Rowling novel, "The Casual Vacancy", which has just been published. Unfortunately, time seems to fly when you are having fun so, we couldn't stay in "Algoritam" the whole time. After being pulled out of Pavilion 5, we headed towards Pavilion 6. To me, it seemed that Pavilion 6 was smaller than Pavilion 5 but that its contents were just as interesting. There were mostly factual books about Chemistry, Biology and Physics. The stalls also held writing and drawing notebooks along with pencil cases and drawing instruments. Then, we had the awful responsibility of dragging ourselves out of the "Velesajam" and out of the amazing Interliber.

Thus, we headed back to school happy and content. On the way back, we even had a delicious treat of "fritulas", which made our day, in a word, even more perfect.

Ines, MYP2