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2018-04-24 08:40:19

The World Book Day

The World Book Day is celebrated every year on 23 April, the date of death of two renowned world authors, William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes, and is based on the Catalonian custom of offering gifts of books and roses on Saint George's Day.

Our school celebrated it with some special activities.

MYP3 students had a chance to debate the topic: Book or e-book, and tried to figure out what the future holds for books, as well as debate about the advantages and disadvantages of paper vs digital books.

MYP0 students organised a puppet show, Fisherman and the Golden Fish, a well-known fairy tale by Aleksandr Puškin. The students directed the show, and crafted the puppets and scenography, all by themselves.

At the end of the day, the writer Ankica Blažinović-Kljajo paid us a visit, presenting her collection of stories titled "It's Best to be Me". Our 5th grade students from national and international programme were there to meet her. Please enjoy the photo gallery which illustrates all our activities in the library.

For all of you who wish to join in the celebration of the World Book Day, outside the school, we recommend to check out the programme of "Book Night 2018", which is sponsored by the Croatian government, and Unesco department at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, where you can choose something for yourselves, among the abundance of events.

Check out the programme at the following link: Book night 2018.

Your school librarians wish you all pleasant and enjoyable reading.