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2018-02-22 16:42:07

Nikola Tesla: Mind from the Future

On February 21st the MYP students visited the multimedia exhibition 'Nikola Tesla: Mind from the Future' in the Mestrovic Pavilion. We had an opportunity to see the top art and science event inspired by the great visionary Nikola Tesla.

At the museum we have seen some of the technology that Nikola Tesla worked with and experimented with. We found out that Nikola Tesla came up with many of the inventions that other scientists claimed for themselves. But Tesla just said: "I don't care that they stole my idea. I care that they don't have any of their own."

We experienced things like plasma generators, light receptors, light sensors and even brain reading. We were led by a guide through Tesla's life from his early childhood through his life in Budapest and Paris to his life period in New York. We found out many things from physics to chemistry, the origin of electricity, how it works and how he envisioned the world with free energy. We enjoyed experimenting with the interactive devices and machines that exhibited optical illusions, virtual reality, light physics, motion tacking devices...

We liked this exhibition a lot. We got to know better Tesla's inventions, thoughts, ideas and figured it out his never-ending need to keep digging new wells of his potential. Tesla's creative and scientific work is still so relevant and visible wherever we turn. He is mind from the future!

Roko (MYP2)