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2017-11-21 19:26:23

Night at the Library 2017

It was a regular Friday night during the middle of November. The happiest night for many students all over the world. But for some of the students in Matija Gubec International School, it would be a quite unusual night. We got a chance to spend a whole night in the school's library. It was a unique experience and a unique night for many of us. It surely changed our opinion about the idea of a sleepover. It was a fun way of learning and bonding with other students and making some new friends, of course.

To make the atmosphere even better, a famous Croatian children's story writer Ms. Sanja Pilic came to our school library to spend some quality time with us. We got the opportunity to ask her some questions and she told us that she had an idea for a new book. She also told us a few of her life stories and not long after that, she unfortunately had to leave. After she left, we had a short reading competition in quickest and most interpretative reading.

After that we went to choose our sleeping spots. In the library, the movie "E.T." was played and who wanted could watch it. The night was very quiet. One of our friends totally disappeared, we couldn't find her until tomorrow morning. Who knows where she was? Did E.T. maybe take her for a pyjama party? Or did she just disappear? Who would believe that this happened in just one night in the school's library!

Andrija (MYP1)