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2017-10-19 14:23:23

Book Month 2017

Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,

It is our pleasure to announce the upcoming annual event, the Book Month (October 15 - November 15). This manifestation is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and organised by Zagreb City Libraries. Our school library will once again join through numerous activities and, hopefully, emphasise the importance of reading, studying and using the information properly.

This year's theme is ENCYCLOPAEDICA.

Therefore numerous activities are scheduled to take place in our library on the topics of encyclopaedia, source of information and basis of knowledge, in which all of our students will participate, and hopefully - you too.

For the whole month, numerous workshops will be held with the common activity "Keepers of Knowledge". Students of all grades will participate with topics including: definition and importance of encyclopaedia, lexicon, dictionaries, past and present sources of knowledge and how to use them, copyrights, information search and storage.

PYP1 students have already visited the library, learned about its organisation and rules and got their membership cards.

We are going to visit the Public Library and learn about reference books and the basic difference between a school and public libraries (for MYP0 students).

  • October 17th - Reference Sources (workshop for MYP0 students)
  • October 18th - Cravat Day (workshop for PYP3 students)
  • October 23th - Reading Day (all classes)
  • October 27th - Reading competition (for PYP4 students)
  • November 8th - Visiting Interliber with MYP2 and MYP3 students
  • November 10th - Night at the Library (MYP0 and MYP1 selected students) with the following activities: meeting a writer, creative writing workshop, movie night
  • November 11th - Day of Croatian Libraries

Also, since the Knezija mapping project is currently under way, we decided to contribute by creating the Picture English-Croatian Dictionary (PYP2 students) and the Knezija Encyclopaedia (PYP0/MYP1 students).

You are invited to join us in our efforts to mark the Book Month and, of course - enjoying reading!

Ina Tomic