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2017-10-11 11:29:22

Journey Through Istria

Within our annual project "Street Life" we went on a three-day field trip to Istria from October 2nd to 4th.

We visited Motovun, Oprtalj, Groznjan, Bale, Rovinj, Kazun Park in Vodnjan, Pula and ended our tour in the Glavani Adrenaline Park. We were accommodated at the Amarin Hotel in Rovinj.

On the first day we visited Motovun - an old and charming Istrian hilltop town. We learnt a lot of interesting and historical information from our guide. Motovun is known as the town of freedom-loving giant Veli Joze, but also famous for its film festival and truffles. But no history is more fun than the free time we got. We spread all around the town, searching for souvenirs, ice cream and the best viewpoint of the Mirna River. Our second stop was Oprtalj, another small Istrian hilltop town. We took a short sightseeing tour and found two spots, one with a magnificent view of the Ucka Mountain and the other one with a view of the sea. We could hear pen scrubbing while we were taking notes for our Host Country Studies projects. After a tour we settled in a restaurant where we had lunch. We tried out the local truffle cuisine along with other Istrian delicatessen - manestra, fuzi and pljukanci. After Oprtalj we made our way to Groznjan - the town of artists, painters and musicians. We walked through its old cobblestone streets for a bit and enjoyed a charming view of the surrounding land. In the evening we arrived to our hotel and went to our rooms. But we didn't have a lot of time to rest, we had dinner and then disco party with a welcome drink at the Beach Club.

The second day some students went jogging in the early morning. After breakfast we split into two groups, while one group went on a beautiful cycling tour along the Rovinj's seaside, the other one went bowling. Then the groups switched. After sport-packed morning we went to the town of Bale. We visited the Kastel Bembo and Holly Spirit Church where we admired the frescoes painted on its walls and ceiling. After lunch in Bale we took a sightseeing tour of the Rovinj Old Town. We visited the Balbi Arch, Grisia Street and St. Euphemia Church. At the Batana House Eco Museum we learnt about another Rovinj's symbol - batana, the traditional wooden fishing boat. We found out that its construction technique was safeguarded as intangible cultural heritage of Croatia. It started to rain so we couldn't go on the batana ride as we planned but we participated in the bottle knitting workshop. When we came back to the hotel we went to the swimming pool. Later we had dinner and disco party.

On the third day we visited the olive grove near Bale. We learnt how to pick olives using an electrical comb and enjoyed our picnic there. After lunch we visited the Kazun Park in Vodnjan where we saw four phases of the kazun construction. Then we visited Pula Amphitheatre. At the Museum of Istrian Olive Growing in Pula we learnt the history of olive growing and olive oil production from ancient times to the present days, how olive oil influenced our health, how to properly taste olive oil and how to recognize a top quality olive oil and differentiate it from industrially produced oils.

Our field trip ended in the Glavani Adrenaline Park. That was a real adventure and we had the perfect adrenaline challenges that took our breath away - a swing, high ropes and a zip line.

We came back to Zagreb exhausted but impressed. This journey really covers the best of the Istrian region and uncovers its hidden beauty to many of us! It was really educational, adventuring enjoyable and fun!

Bartul (MYP2)