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2017-09-29 17:23:15

Zagreb City Tour 2017

On September 28th, as an integral part of our annual project 'Street Life', we went on the Zagreb City Tour as a fun walking tour through the streets of Zagreb learning about people behind Zagreb street names and interesting cultural-historical sights.

First we visited the Botanical Garden and we were amazed by the fact that more than 5000 plant species live in the heart of Zagreb. Then we visited the street art locations that impressed us with their colour burst and realised that city walls could be great canvases for displaying artistic work.

After exploring and admiring urban art lifestyle we visited another cult place - interactive exhibition at the Gric Tunnel. The most attractive sections of the tunnel were the rain tunnel where we saw holograms of Manda, Marija Juric Zagorka, Ban Josip Jelacic and other famous persons in drops of water; Nikola Tesla tunnel where we 'built' human electrical circuit and played music on the Tesla's musical coin and Balthazar's Adventure Laboratory.

Afterwards we took a sightseeing tour of the Upper and Down Town where the MYP2 - tourist guides taught us about people behind Zagreb street names - Petar Preradovic, Ivan Gundulic, Antun Mihanovic, Josip Runjanin, Josip Jelacic, Stjepan Radic, Ljudevit Gaj... Traditionally we ended our Zagreb City Tour with an ice cream treat.

It was an entertaining tour - we explored the hidden side of our town, visited an exceptional exhibition and learnt a lot about history of our town. It was a lovely sunny day that made this tour even more enjoyable.