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2017-06-06 15:47:15

Field Trip to Andautonia

On May 31st we joined the fifth grade students of the national programme on the field trip to Andautonia. During the sightseeing tour of the remains of the former Roman town - Andautonia we took a walk in the past exploring the habits and lifestyle of ancient civilisation. We were told that it took 40 years to excavate that small area. We saw and smelled many types of Roman perfumes and smells, all the way from the smell of soldiers' boots to the beautiful smell of roses. We saw their dining room and tried it out realising how comfortable it was. We saw many other things such as remains of Roman buildings, oil lamps, wax tablets, board games with dices and two throwing games. We also learned that the more you dig, the older the item is.

Afterwards we visited the Museum of Turopolje in Velika Gorica where we explored the collection of archaeological, ethnographic, historical and cultural heritage of Turopolje. Finally we visited the Kljucic Hill Resort, one of the most interesting resorts because of its green forests, beautiful nature and a shape of a key (in Croatian kljucic means key). We ate lunch there, played football and saw some animals.

We had a great time, thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt a lot.

Andrija, Clemente and Marko (MYP0)