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2017-04-24 15:45:08

Earth Day Neighbourhood Clean Up

On the occasion of the Earth Day our Service as Action leader Ms. Ina and the pedagogist Ms. Ana organised the clean-up action for all MYP students. This action had a goal to keep public places in our neighbourhood clean and safe for everyone. We were cleaning parks, parking lots, streets and school playground.

People litter for three main reasons. First, they feel no sense of ownership for a property. Second, they think someone else will clean up after them. Third, they see litter already accumulated and think a little more will not matter. We have showed that working together, cleaning up the neighbourhood and then keeping a litter-free environment can make a difference!

All of us put a lot of effort and had a lot of fun. We realised that we didn't have so much trash in our neighbourhood. We were happy that we could help and do our part to beautify our neighbourhood for spring!

Alexander & Konstantin (MYP1)