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2017-04-12 16:05:28

Top revision activities

During the Croatian Language Acquisition classes MYP0 students were given the task to learn new words, which would be beneficial to them during their upcoming field trip to Dalmatia.

For the revision lessons, the teacher prepared a crossword puzzle using the Crossword Lab tool, as well as a quiz created with the help of the Kahoot tool, covering the most important facts about Dalmatia.

Each student participated in the quiz-game on their mobile phone, which greatly helped deepen the students' interest in the given content. The students really enjoyed the quiz and the combination of game and competition amongst themselves.

I would like to thank to teacher Marija and teacher Ana for sharing the knowledge they have acquired in the scope of the Erasmus+ program for the purpose of enhancing the classroom experience, without whom these revision classes would not have been so enjoyable.

Ina Tomic