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2017-04-03 15:13:49

Bike Safety School & Bike Corner

As my Community Project I have chosen to make a budget friendly bike repair/maintain corner in our school.

First I carried out a survey "Bike the Vote" among students and their parents and teachers to find out about cycling frequency and cycling safety and to gather suggestions for the bike corner. Based on the survey results conducted among the students, parents and teachers I found out that before encouraging cycling to school, some safety rules must be presented to the students. For example, only 48% percent of our students and 10% of the teachers wear a helmet. Therefore, as a part of my community effort to make cycling to and from school a safe, active, and enjoyable part of our lives I decided to organise the Bike Safety School for MYP students and teachers on March 30th on the school playground and to encourage the students and teachers to come by bike to school that day. For that purpose I designed two flyers: Five reasons to bike and Six simple steps for bicycle safety. The turnout was very good - a lot of students and teachers biked that day to school.

During the Bike Safety School the students found out more about good reasons to bike and some tips for bicycle safety including the demonstrations how to do a quick bicycle check. With the great help of the P.H.E. teacher Marko I set a cycling polygon on the school playground where the students trained their cycling, but the most important goal was to get into the helmet habit. The fastest students had an ice cream treat. At the end of the lesson the students and teachers took a cycling proficiency test and got a diploma. These bike safety lessons were very useful and we all had a lot of fun!

From the money raised from the Carnival Charity Tombola I bought some cool boxes, decorated them with the old bike parts and arranged the bike corner in our school. I invite all the students, parents and teachers to bring some usable spare bike parts such as pump, spare tires, spare lock, lights, gloves, patch kit and similar and to put them in the bike corner boxes.

I greatly appreciate your help and I would like to thank you all for supporting my project.

Marcus (MYP3)