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2017-03-29 15:25:12

Bake For Their Sake

As our Community Project we have decided to organise a series of interactive cooking workshops for children with disabilities. We were partnering with the UNUO, the Centre for Creative Training of Persons with Disability. Our goal is to teach children how to cook so that they learn a valuable life skill and become independent and perhaps find a job as a cook or a waiter when they grow up.

We launched the project by contacting UNUO and the Children's Home in Brezovica. We have had many meetings and worked hard to organise our cooking workshops and gather volunteers. When the time finally came, we were anxious to meet the children.

Over the course of the last two months, we have organised and participated in four cooking workshops with 18 kids with special needs of different ages. As well as providing an opportunity to learn new skills and meet new friends, the goal of these cooking classes was to learn about the nature of individual disabilities (visual and audio impairment, autism, Down syndrome and persons with paraplegia), existing prejudices in our society, access issues, communication techniques and future vocational possibilities for these children as chefs in the hospitality and tourism sectors in Croatia.

Together with our partners: Chef Vedran Habel, UNUO, the Centre for Creative Training of Persons with Disability, Children's Home in Brezovica and MYP volunteers - Laura, Sara, Wanda and Yuxuan, we successfully ran four 4-hour cooking workshops at the UNUO training facility. Thanks to the participation of our fellow MYP students, we partly funded these cooking classes from the plastic bottle recycling campaign we coordinated at school.

As a culminating activity of our project we organised the Spring Charity Lunch on March 25th with support of our fellow students - Clemente, Maciej, Laura, Wanda, Fiona, Noora, Sara, Yuxuan, Olaf, Marko and Vivien, our friends, family members and children from Brezovica. We made "zlevka" with chicken and sugar cookies which we ate later for lunch, accompanied by premade appetisers, beverages and snacks. We raised 2100 HRK which would be invested into the children's future and future workshops.

During our four workshops we met and made friends with many children of different age groups and personalities. Although our main idea was to teach the children, we have also learnt a lot, not just about the cooking but about ourselves as well. We had a lot of fun working with these children and we are hoping to continue our project even after the school year ends.

Ana & Isabella (MYP3)