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2017-03-21 15:25:23

World Storytelling Day 2017

World Storytelling Day is a day which is celebrated globally every year on March 20th for the art of storytelling. On this day, people spend time telling stories from their countries to other people.

For several years we have the same tradition in our school. On March 20th MYP0 and MYP1 students spent their fourth lesson telling stories from their cultures to PYP1 and PYP2 students. The most beautiful childhood stories were presented by our storytellers - MYP0 students: Andrija, Anzhelika, Clemente, Jasa, Kamil, Laura, Maciej, Yao and MYP1 students - Alexander, Konstantin and Zoe,

It was very fun for all the participants - for MYP students who were telling the stories and PYP students who were listening the stories. We all really enjoyed it and it was a fun little event organised in the library.

Zoe (MYP1)