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2017-02-27 18:42:46

Every Student Is A Sponsor Now!

This year I have started my Community project. In a world, which belongs to humans, helpless animals need attention and help - especially the pets. I wanted to show to all the students a very easy and available way to become a volunteer. How to make somebody happy, well feed, to facilitate someone's life difficulties, even if this "someone" is just a little doggy.

Many volunteers are working in the Noah's Ark Animal Shelter in Zagreb. Every day they are helping dogs to be healthy, to be clean and to boldly look into the future day. And now all PYP and MYP classes are in their kind and brave ranks. Every student is a helper now!

Thanks a lot to all of you! Thank you for every kuna and every lipa you donated. Your money is giving food and joys for homeless dogs. Now, all of you are officially the sponsors of these dogs. Please, let's continue the collecting, and your efforts will become a wonder!

Our efforts have been recognized by the Noah's Ark Animal Shelter:
Please click here to read the article!

Thank you from whole my heart, and thank you from lots of little dogs' hearts!

Ekaterina (MYP3)