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2017-02-20 21:07:19

World Read Aloud Day at MG

The world organization LitWorld was established in 2007, after Pam Allyn, a pedagogue well known for spreading literacy, visited Kibera, an extremely poor part of Nairobi, Kenya. There, she met children who wanted to learn how to read and write, and tell their stories; however, their wishes were met with plenty of challenging obstacles. Upon her return to New York, Ms. Allyn established, with a group of like-minded people, a new movement advocating the right to literacy.

They also started to mark the World Read Aloud Day on February 16th. What started as a simple call to action, it grew into a programme that gathers 18 million people online, and over a million people in 100 countries through public events.

Our school also joined this praiseworthy event. We marked this day in the Croatian language classes and at the library. MYP0 and MYP3 students took part and received several tasks.

They had to choose a favourite book, bring it to school, read the best part aloud, and then explain why they chose that particular book.

At the end of the workshop, they all came to a conclusion that reading aloud is a very important activity, which helps us to become better and more successful readers.

Take a look at the students' reflections:

1. What is your favourite read aloud memory?
*My mom read a story about a human and snake.
* My favourite read aloud is Cinderella.
* My favourite book that was read aloud to me was Anna on a Green Hill and Sleeping Beauty.
* My favourite read-aloud memories are when the librarian would read to us in 2nd and 3rd grade.

2. What do you like most about read aloud?
* My favourite part about read aloud is that a lot of people can get together and listen and also that you can close your eyes and immerse yourself in the story.
* I like it because you can imagine everything while someone else is reading.
* I like to hear a sound...
* I like group reading.

Teacher Ina