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2017-02-13 18:17:50

Uzbuna na Zelenom vrhu

On February 9th MYP0 and MYP1 students went to the CineStar Novi Zagreb to watch the Croatian children's movie "Uzbuna na Zelenom vrhu" (Alert on Green Peak). The novel "Uzbuna na Zelenom vrhu" is the compulsory literary work for MYP0 Croatian Language and Literature class but the movie was a great opportunity for the Croatian Language Acquisition students to learn Croatian. We bought popcorn and were set for the exciting movie morning.

The movie was about Koko and his friends who spent their summer holidays hanging out and playing. But a series of unpleasant events upset the children: thieves who were robbing the houses in their village. The children decided to take matters into their own hands and they managed to expose the thieves.

The movie was really interesting and funny because it resembled to a detective story and we like solving mysteries. Besides it sent us a strong message about friendship and team work.

Alexander & Konstantin (MYP1)