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2017-01-27 17:44:13

School Day Workshops in the Library

School Timeline

On January 27th we celebrated the School Day participating in the entertaining workshops organised in our library.

First we researched a little bit about the history of our school and arranged the School Timeline in seven important periods. We have learnt that:

  • our school was founded in 1940
  • 20 years later in 1960 our school got the name Matija Gubec
  • in 1994 our School was renovated
  • in 1995 the Croatian School in the English language started
  • in 2002 the IB MYP programme started to be implemented in our school
  • in 2009 we got the new school wing
  • in 2016 the IB PYP programme started to be implemented.

Matija Gubec from the IB Angle

Later on we recalled everything that we knew about Matija Gubec. From History we know that he was the leader of the Croatian-Slovenian peasant revolt. He was an awesome guy and the people elected him as a leader due to his personal qualities.

While talking about him we realised that he was characterised by many IB learner profile attributes. He was definitely a risk taker and definitely a principled person because he was willing to fight and die for what he believed in. He cared for his people and really tried to make a positive difference in the world by putting an end to suffering. To be such an inspiring leader he must have been a knowledgeable and balanced thinker.

He led the peasant army and before the battles he made great speeches trying to convince the men that only victory could bring them freedom, while the defeat would bring more misery. So he was definitely a good communicator and an open-minded person because he could see the glimpses of the future.

These activities organised on the occasion of the School Day were very enjoyable and enlightening. We learnt some important facts about our school and "scanned" Matija Gubec from the IB angle. Besides we realised that the IB learner profile attributes are actually personal qualities of good and successful people and we should appreciate them even more.

MYP Students & Teacher Ina