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2017-01-24 19:28:47

Percentages and statistics don't have to be dull!

Statistics are everywhere and the way the numbers are presented shape our understanding of the world. The study of statistics has been considered as a part of the school mathematics curriculum. The ability to present information in a statistical manner and ability to read graphs and charts is vital in understanding the world we live in through its representation in newspapers, television, books and elsewhere. The basis of statistics is percentages.

In Math classes MYP2 students first participated in a funny workshop Cocktail Ratios where they learnt about real-life applications of ratios and proportions:

Afterwards they had an interesting group activity Trusting Tabloids where they learnt how tabloids presented information using percentages in everyday communication:

MYP2 students got the hang of percentages and then started gathering their own data to create statistics. They carried out a survey of their classmates and presented data by frequency graphs using the Mentimeter - the statistical software for collecting data and presenting results online. This made easy to track trends in groups:

Svjetlana Keser