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2016-12-12 19:11:52

Visit to the Children's Home

On December 8th as a part of our Service as Action activities, we visited the Children's Home "Alojzije Stepinac" in Brezovica carrying the Christmas gifts collected by the students, parents and teachers of our school during the month of December.

We were kindly welcomed and had a tour during which we were able to see their classrooms, gym, arts and craft rooms. First we visited the relaxing room which had calm music and beautiful design. The other one was the education room where students, that can't go to regular schools, get home-schooled.

We split into few groups, one group made decoration in the Arts & Craft classroom, the second group baked cookies, and the third one played some sports activities in the Gym. The children we met there were very kind and with smiles on their faces.

We would like to thank all the students, their parents and teachers who participated in this community activity. We would also like to thank the Children's Home in Brezovica for having us - it was wonderful in so many ways.

Marko (MYP1)