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2016-11-30 19:48:52

Second Visit to the Goethe Institute

On November 24th we visited the Goethe Institute accompanied by our German and homeroom teacher Ms. Jelena Penava.

Divided in three groups we participated in three workshops, all connected with our annual project "Water & Life".

The first one was the Geography workshop where we had to research and write about river names and locations in Germany. The second one was the Language workshop where our task was to translate water-vocabulary-sentences from English to German using an English-German dictionary.

And last but not least was the third workshop which was my favourite. We performed a fun water experiment. Our assignment was to write some word on a paper and then connect it with another paper. The next step was putting it into water and leaving it to dry. The trick in this experiment was that the word was transferred onto the second paper!

This was a very fun and interesting experience. My classmates attending German classes and I are already looking forward to the next visit to the Goethe Institute.

Ljubo (MYP2)