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2016-11-24 19:58:02

Water Lab Chemistry

Post-field trip assignment: Water & Life Project

During the field trip to Lika the MYP students collected the samples of water on locations of the Plitvice Lakes, Gacka River and Novi Vinodolski (sea water). The Chemistry teacher collected the rain sample in Zagreb. The water samples were tested and compared during the Chemistry lessons in the school. The students performed the following tests on all the samples:

1. Visual testing - for transparency, colour and smell
2. pH testing - determining the pH of each sample using blue and red litmus paper and universal indicator paper
3. Testing with Aquarium water strip test - set of tests which determine the quality of aquarium water

MYP 3 student Marcus conducted the test using the digital tester to test the quality of drinking water.

The fact that the water samples were not tested immediately after being taken could have influenced the final results but that didn't stop our students from enjoying these lab lessons.

Lana Brkic