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2016-11-18 18:20:37

Night at the Library 2016

It was a dark, cold night. Rain was dripping from the bare branches and a dim light was peeking through the thick fog. The shadow of a large building was looming through the darkness. Children were walking towards the light... Yeah, it sounds like the start of a spooky novel or horror movie, but it was far from that - it was just really bad weather on the night when our school had another, now already traditional Night at the library on November 11th.

Besides huge trays of bagels, cookies and cakes, litters of warm tea, there was some work and a lot of fun. First, we had the pleasure to host the Croatian writer Bojana Meandzija, who talked about her book "Trci! Ne cekaj me..." ("Run! Don't wait for me...") which deals with her life during the Homeland war in Karlovac. After that, teacher Ina tested our imagination and literary competence by giving us a task to work in groups and make a story about an inventor who spends his time in a library researching and creating his fantastic contraption. After the hard work and presenting our stories, we had an opportunity to watch the new Ghostbusters movie.

And while tired students were falling into the sleep, something was shimmering and moving between the bookshelves in the library... were these only shadows of tree branches outside, or a library ghost like the one from Ghostbuster 1?

It is hard to tell now, but the Night at the Library was definitely magical as all the other ones before. (And yes, the pancakes for breakfast were magical too...)
We all want to thank teacher Ina, Ms. Irena and Ms. Dragica for the organisation, care and a lot of love they always put into this event.

Lovro (MYP3)