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2016-10-18 18:52:52

Book Month 2016

Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,

Croatian Book Month will be traditionally marked in our school library from 15 October until 15 November with a lot of activities and under the umbrella theme "Power reading". Let's see together what we have prepared.

  • Workshop: Faust Vrancic - Man of our era
  • Faust Vrancic was the author of the first five-language dictionary. Within the workshop we are going to make our school dictionaries. Additionally we are going to post an e-quiz about Faust Vrancic on the School website.

  • Workshops: Homo legends
  • Combining different areas of human knowledge like art, craft and literature we are going to discover what a renaissance man Faust Vrancic achieved in his age and what it means for us today.

  • Reading competition
  • Who will be the fastest reader? Let's see together during November at the library.

  • Visit to a Public Library
  • During the Book Month students will be visiting a public library and learn about reference books and the basic difference between school and public libraries.

  • Book Fair
  • This year, as usual, we will visit the Interliber, the largest Book Fair in Croatia and find out about the newest Croatian and international publications.

  • Bookmark Project
  • Students will be given the task to create creative bookmarkers. Bookmarkers can be of different shapes, colours and themes.

  • Night at the Library
  • On November 11th the students and librarians will spend one night at the library where they will meet Bojana Meandzija, Croatian children author.

    We hope you will be joining us!

    We expect to see you soon in the library!

    Your school librarians:
    Teacher Ina & Teacher Irena