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2016-09-30 15:52:41

Service work with our German colleagues

On September 28th the students and teachers from Germany visited our school and we prepared them a warm welcome. Ema and Ea presented our school program and activities to our guests.

In the afternoon hours we went to the Mama Club accompanied by our Service as Action leader Ms. Ina. In the Mama Club we had a great lecture organised by the Centre for Peace Studies. We met refugees and were touched by their painful experiences. One lady, a teacher from Iraq had to leave everything to get a safe life because of the war situation in her home country. She said that she kept having nightmares because of everything she had been through and because every day someone dear to her died. But after some time she started to smile here in Croatia.

After hearing these stories we participated in the workshop of making hummus organised by the Taste of Home, the social cooperative run by refuges, migrants and Croatian volunteers. We enjoyed learning how to make hummus and that was quite a new experience for us.

This visit of the students from Germany was a great opportunity for us to spend some quality time together with them, to share experiences, make friends and engage jointly in the service work.

Pinar & Yuxuan (MYP2)