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2016-06-03 17:45:11

Interior Decorators at Children's Hospital

During the month of April and May our MYP students continued with their volunteering activities in the Sisters of Charity Hospital - Department of Pediatrics that our school made an Agreement on Cooperation with in order to establish the Volunteer Program for the MYP students.

Our students accompanied by the Visual Art teacher engaged themselves in the interior wall decoration and painting in order to create a nicer environment that is important in helping children retain their confidence during hospital admission.

Their dedicated work resulted with the colourfully painted wall and we are so proud of their creative work and commitment. We would like to express our thankfulness to Hui Di, Katarina, Lilia, Pinar Ece, Yuxuan, Zahra and the Visual Art teacher Ms. Ivana Devernay Cimic who spent their Saturdays having just one goal - to cheer up children there by creating a caring and brighter hospital environment for them.