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2016-03-23 14:44:06

Action For The Elderly Home Tresnjevka

Dear Students, Teachers and Parents,

As you may already know, this year MYP3 students are obliged and honoured with the Community Project. Like all MYP3 students, Elena and I have to do it too. We chose to focus on one of the elderly homes in Zagreb - "Home for the elderly and disabled Tresnjevka".

Since the elderly are often forgotten and are sad and lonely, we decided to bring joy and happiness to cheer them up and to show them that they are not forgotten.

The goal of our project is to collect more than 150 present boxes containing items such as chocolates, notepads, coffee, cookies, playing cards and any items you think they would like. While working on our project and after visiting the Elderly Home we realized that people there have nothing to do except to read because they can barely move or cannot move at all. Since they like to read a lot we came up to an idea of making a small library within the Elderly Home.

We would like to invite you to take part in our project. You can help them by bringing to school the wrapped shoebox presents and by donating some books, preferably in Croatian.

This is the least we can do for the people in the Elderly Home to enhance their quality of life and to show them that we do care!

Please find more detailed information on the ways how to take part in our Leaflet.

Thank You!

Dina, MYP3